Principal's Message


Hello Parents of Fallon!!!

Can you believe that there are only 80 days of school left for this year.  However, there is still a lot of work to be done. Our students in grades 3, 4, and 5 will begin preparing for the PARCC assessments that begin in April. Our 4th graders will be taking the NAEP testing in March. Then they will also have to take the NECAP Science test. When all of the official test dates are made available to us, we will pass them along to you. During these testing periods students should be going to bed earlier than usual, should not be out of school, and everyone should be having a good breakfast.

The Audubon Society will be coming to visit our third graders on Wednesday, February 15 and Thursday, February 16. The name of the In-School presentation is named, “Everything’s Connected”. After they visit all of our classrooms, our students will have an opportunity to visit the Audubon Society location for a field trip. The topic that will be covered during their visit will be called, “Indoor/Outdoor Habitat Investigation”.

We have been blessed with good weather this winter season. I hope that I did not just jinx’s us. However, we have had a few instances when the weather has not completely cooperated with us. In those instances, the buses have been late and your children have not arrived at their bus stops at their regular times. We understand your anxiety that comes from waiting for your child or children. We here at Fallon are often the last to know when a bus is stuck in traffic or is going to be late. During inclement weather please stay tuned to Class DoJo. That seems to be the best way for us to communicate with you during these tough situations.

Thank You for all you do for us here at Fallon!

Paul Zona 

Fallon Administration Twitter Feed
  • Jump Rope for Hearts

  • Chocolate Roses are in!


    Good morning all!
    4000 Chocolate roses are in and we could use some help organizing the dissemination of goods. If you are able to help, please stop by today and tomorrow between 3:10 and 4:10.
    Mr. Andrade



  • 2/3/2017 Crazy Hat Money Raised

  • Boys Town here at Fallon!

  • Crazy Hat Day!

    morning all,

    Friday will be a Crazy Hat Day but, there is a catch... each student will have to pay $1 to wear their hat throughout the day. All proceeds will be donated to a special cause which is affecting a dedicated member of our Fallon community.

  • 1/31/2015 Bus 28 Late!
    Bus 28 is very late due to the inclement weather. It is 3:50 and the bus has not arrived.

    Thank you for your patience.
School Times



Start times are 9:00 - 3:10. First bell rings at 8:55. 

Please do not park in the Teachers parking lot. Be courteous of other parents and children when dropping off. 

Pre-K Starts at 8:30 - 2:30.

Students who arrive after 9:00 will be marked late! Fallon is committed to making sure our students are present & on time each and every school day to reduce the loss of instructional time!

School Supplies List

Parents, we hope you enjoyed your summer.  These are some supplies that your child will need.  We will be using these throughout the school year.

  • Four packs of 12 of Pencils

  • Two packages of pencil top erasers

  • Package of dry erase markers

  • Colored pencils

  • Crayons

  • 3-5 one subject notebooks

  • 2 packages of glue sticks

  • Box of tissues

  • Clorox wipes 

  • Addition cards

  • Multiplication and division flash cards

  • Pocket Folders

To complete homework assignments and projects at home, you should assemble a supply box to include:

Pencils, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, erasers, markers, tape, paper, a children’s dictionary, and a ruler that measures in both inches and centimeters.

Get ready for a great school year!