Principal's Message


Dear Parents,

            We need to understand that Fallon Memorial Elementary School is located in a very tightly populated neighborhood. Drop-off and Pick-up are a major concern every day. We all need to be more patient and forgiving with each other during this high tension time.

Regarding the morning, when everyone is trying to get to work, we all need to understand that if you keep the roads around the school open for traffic, it will flow smoothly. When you are stopping to drop your child off on Lincoln Avenue for breakfast please pull over on the driver’s side as close to the curb as possible and let your children out. Please do this a quickly as possible. During drop off hours, Lincoln Avenue is a one way!!

If you chose to drop off on Tally Street, please stop just before the Crosswalk to let your children out. It is against the law to park on a Crosswalk. Have your children disembark as fast as they can. When entering the parking lot on Tally Street only park in designated parking spots. If the lot is full, please pull up to the opening in the fence to let your child out. Then proceed to leave the parking lot on to Lincoln Avenue.  Please do not pull halfway into the parking lot, stop, and then backup onto Tally Street. This is an accident waiting to happen.

Ridgewood Road should be a last resort in the morning for drop-off. The School Buses use Ridgewood Road coming from the direction of Newport Avenue. These buses pull all the way up to the corner on Lincoln Avenue and let the students out for breakfast. This is also the place where the daycare companies drop off. When cars are parked on Ridgewood the buses cannot get by and this creates hard feelings.

There should be no one in the school yard until 8:40 am, which is when Mr. Pacheco will begin supervision in the yard. The breakfast door on Lincoln Avenue opens at 8:40 am.

I have provided a map of the roads around Fallon on the back of this letter. There are arrows that show the way traffic should be flowing during drop-off and pick-up.

One last thing, it has been brought to my attention many times that there are dogs in the school yard. Please refrain from bringing your dogs into the school yard at the beginning and the end of the school day. There are a number of students and adults who are afraid of your pets, therefore, please keep the on the outside of the school yard fences.


Thank You for your consideration with regards to these matters!!


  • School times


    Please do not park in the Teachers parking lot. Be courteous of other parents and children when dropping off. 

    Pre-K Starts at 8:45 - 2:45.

    Students who arrive after 9:00 will be marked late! Fallon is committed to making sure our students are present & on time each and every school day to reduce the loss of instructional time!

    Breakfast begins at 8:40

    Students should not be in the schoolyard until 8:40

  • School Supplies list


    Parents, we hope you enjoyed your summer.  These are some supplies that your child will need.  We will be using these throughout the school year.


    Two packages of 12 pencils

    Two packages of pencil top erasers

    Package of dry erase markers

    Colored pencils    


    3-5 one subject notebooks

    2 packages of glue sticks

    Box of tissues

    Clorox wipes 

    Addition cards

    Multiplication and division flash cards

    Pocket Folders



    To complete homework assignments and projects at home, you should assemble a supply box to include:

    Pencils, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, erasers, markers, tape, paper, a children’s dictionary, and a ruler that measures in both inches and centimeters.